Dienstag, 30. November 2010

Kleines Update und Gedankensplitter

Ich weiß ich habe längere Zeit nichts mehr gepostet obwohl es einiges zu erzählen gäbe. Das wird auch nachgeholt. Ab Freitag Nachmittag habe ich wieder mehr Zeit und dann auch erstmal 2 Wochen Urlaub.
ich werd mich jetzt wieder hinter die Bücher klemmen und wünsche euch noch eine schöne Restwoche ;-)

My feet pad the ground so softly and bring ripples of ice up my spine.
I dance with the cawing crow.
My body is numb but i feel so alive under the moon with you ,beautiful crow.
I dance for you and you sing for me.
The haunting melodies leave your black beak in small clouds of white mist.
I twirl and sway in the icy winds...
Your brothers and sisters come to watch us with their glimmering black eyes.
Their white breath surrounds us as they wait.
More and more gather... and they wait.
Wait for what, I do not know.
As my feet hit the frozen ground, a familiar ache finds its way into me.
You still sing with those haunting and beautiful white melodies of death.
When I fall, I cannot rise again.
My dance with death himself is over and I try so hard to keep my frozen eyes on you.
A blanket of black wings and sharp beaks cover my shaking body.
In your glimmering black eyes, I know I will find my sickening salvation.
But when I look to you only a single red rose stands where you did.
A blood-red rose in the middle of this black and white nightmare


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