Mittwoch, 29. Dezember 2010


The time when the living prepare for nightfall and begin to settle in for the dreams of their imagination.
When the light of the sun touches the earth good bye.
On the roof of a small shop a young girl sits, watching the sun sink into the sky and radiate it with its warmth.
She gazes into the heavens with eyes that search the clouds,
looking for something, anything that could fill the hole in her empty chest.
Unfortunately, the hole grows larger and with it, feelings of longing wash over her.
Longing for that which she lost.
Day fades way to night and her crimson eyes glow with a bloody fierceness that rips through the night sky to a world of even blacker darkness.



  1. ist der text von dir?oder kann man den irgendwo nachlesen?
    gefällt mir gut!
    das bild finde ich auch cool!:)