Mittwoch, 20. Oktober 2010

I got to admit it, I Miss You

Today is a really strange day and I can´t really point out why....

I miss someone a lot ....that´s what I know...

that´s why I listen to one of my favourite love songs ever...
Why can´t Marco always sing the nightwish songs??? Just love his voice...But he still has his own band to listen to and "Tarot" is great also

How are you today? What was your day like? Strange too? Or just normal?



  1. Tarot is great band! Nightwish isn't bad either but I have been listening Tarot longer. I hope you have better day tomorrow. :)

  2. Couldn´t you just tell that someone, you miss her/him? Sometimes that can make you feel a lot better.
    Nightwish...put them off my radar after Master Passion Greed, although I used to like them a lot. Love this one:
    Hope your inner confusion sorts ifself out! *hugs*