Dienstag, 7. Juni 2011


Ein Lied was mich immer wieder begleitet und ein neues Photo für die Verwunschene Orte Website

I see your face as if in a dream.
Eyes where the shadows drown.
Frozen in a frown.
And I feel like paper burning free.
The wind is shattering me.
I'm the sky, I'm the sea.

Walk for now.
Endless days alive somehow.

Staring, dreaming, cold rain, skin steaming.
Just some fog in my eyes.
Tides in my blood follow the pale moon
drawing my soul to the skies.

Standing here, where a dream once had a home.
Emptiness now calls,
where hope crumbled with the walls.
And I feel like dust, lighter than air.
Winged by the smallest prayer.
Destination anywhere.

Walk for now.
Endless days alive somehow.
Keeping pace.


Stars, they're skywide, forever burn.
Scars, you carve deep, but never learn.

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